E*TRADE Review: A Regulated Digital Platform to Trade Efficiently and Professionally

If you are looking for a trading platform with a plethora of investment choices and matchless service, E*TRADE is the best answer. Being the best online broker in 2019, it lets you invest the exact way you require. This platform takes its pride in helping you to do by yourself, providing timely help, or office full management services. Check out the whole E*TRADE review to get full details.

E*TRADE Reviews

About E*TRADE Platform

Incepted its operations in the early 80s, the platform has made its strong impression as the best platform for trading online for retail investors. The way it started by the inventor was impeccable, where it paved the way to control the investments online without being overviewed by another human broker. With approximately 4100 employees and 30 branches across the United States to offer professional guidance, E*TRADE provides state-of-the-art experience for the investors and the traders who are digitally dependent on their financial dealings. The company has proved to be the best advisor and digital broker to the investors and the traders through user-friendliness and uniqueness of the services all these years.

E*TRADE Platform

Benefits of E*TRADE:

  • Highly regulated
  • Serves investors, traders, advisors, stock plan participants, and administrators
  • Zero commissions
  • Various investment choices
  • Best-known online and mobile trading


E*TRADE Financial Corporation directly operates through various subsidiaries, which are regulated by self-regulatory and government-controlled organizations.


  • As a registered broker-dealer, E*TRADE Securities LLC controls complete customer transactions.
  • E*TRADE Bank and E*TRADE savings bank offers FDIC insurance on customer deposits and other capabilities for money management.
  • E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc. manages financial wellness, student loan, and equity compensation plans through reliable software solutions.
  • E*TRADE Future LLC, a registered non-clearing Futures Commission Merchant that provides customer transactions for the retail sector.
  • E*TRADE Capital Management LLC offers advisory services for customer investments.

Convenience Through Categorized Accounts

Being the pioneer in the trading industry, it is not intended to help one stream of business or person. With different investor and trader plans, customers with an account get the best solutions with the E*TRADE broker platform. With the accounts, customers are allowed to trade or invest, to build a portfolio, to invest for future, professional money management, retirement benefits, free transactions at ease.

Account types are categorized for customer convenience and are as follows:

  • Most popular accounts
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Managed portfolios account
  • Small business retirement accounts
  • E*TRADE bank accounts

Customized Services of E*TRADE

This platform is one of the best trading platforms that help various customers with professional guidance.

Here are the customer types they serve to enhance smooth financial independence through the unrivaled digital offering.

  • Investors

Whatever the investors or traders choose, E*TRADE helps with proper trading, strategies, research, at customer convenience on phone or desktop. The investors have control over complete offerings like no-transaction-fee mutual funds, more than 4400 no-load, non-proprietary ETFs. Also, they can access different solutions like self-directed investors like thematic investing, prebuilt portfolios, professional investment plans, and many other customized specific requirements to make them stable for financial dealings. The platform gets amazing responses from many investors for its services.

  • Traders

The traders at the platform get discounts, customized services through best-known web platforms and apps like E*TRADE Mobile at zero cost. It offers advanced technological services like technical analysis tools, choices and future ladders, activity monitoring, etc.

  • Advisors

Some of the advantages for the Registered investment advisors (RIAs) are trading and rebalancing, freedom for clients accounts and managing portfolio, activity reporting, billing, and many more. The RIAs are free to connect with independent potential clients through a national referral program named E*TRADE Advisor Network. The referral program helps the advisors to maintain a good relationship with all the branches of the trading platform and other investors who look forward to solutions regarding wealth management.

  • Stock plan participants

Stock plan participants enjoy complete financial visibility through tools and resources digitally. It helps to learn how a stock plan deals with financial strategy and can access online investment tools, student loans, loan counseling, access to robust trading and investing plans, etc.

  • Stock plan administrators

One of the benefits for stock plan administrators is their accessibility to Equity Edge Online that offers reporting capabilities, built-in audit features, flexible and reliable service models and other equity vehicles. The administrators enjoy the complete online 10b5-1 trading experience and 529 contributions solutions as well, along with other different financial wellness plans. Due to amazing trading services, it has got an inspiring E*TRADE review suggesting others to use the platform.

Complete Trading Package

Easy Funding to E*TRADE Account

The platform allows its customers to get funds through four easy ways like,

~ Money transactions online:  This free service option will enable transactions between the account and other financial platforms.

~ Account transfer:  It allows brokerage accounts to transfer money from other accounts to E*TRADE.

~ Wire Transfer:  It allows transactions to be made between accounts of E*TRADE or other financial platforms. It is quite the fastest and highly secure one.

~ Deposit a check:  The customers can deposit a check using the platform Mobile app or mail a check to clear amounts into the E*TRADE account.

Well-balanced Investments Plans

Based on tools and resources, E*TRADE helps the investors to create balanced investment plans by analyzing a portfolio, build asset allocation, portfolio diversification, create future plans, and research on investments and markets. The tools are quite helpful to the investors to bring out the plan based on principles like knowing risk and reward, balancing to stay on track, selecting the apt investment, etc. Users have given a positive response regarding the platform for providing the best investment plans.

Easy Execution of Trades

E*TRADE online trading ticket helps for real-time portfolio updates to know about market amendments and customer trading status. The trading platform will help to execute trades ranging from basic trades to advanced orders and multiple option orders.

Market Updates

Get market updates through tools like watch list, alerts on specifying when a fund or stock crosses a cost, mobile notifications, and market news on E*TRADE mobile app.

Final Thoughts on E*TRADE Platform

The unique features and benefits offered by E*TRADE has made it a successful trading platform for the investors, traders, stock plan participants, stock plan administrators, and advisors. It has exceptional trading procedures digitally with professional guidance from thousands of employees at the platform and it has got good E*TRADE review from many users and investors. The customers get all the trading and investing requirements under a single umbrella. Get the best trading and investment experience with this trading platform.

1:What is E*TRADE?

Ans: E*TRADE Financial Corporation offers an electronic trading platform to trade financial assets.

2: How to buy stocks on E*TRADE?

Ans: Go to the Stocks tab of E*TRADE’s order-entry platform. Enter the order type, which will be bought for your first stock trade.

3: How to short a stock on E*TRADE?

Ans: In this platform, you need to require a margin account with at least $2,000 to be able to short stocks.

4: Is E*TRADE good?

Ans: The unique features & benefits offered by E*TRADE has made it a successful trading platform for the investors.

5: How to open an E*TRADE account?

Ans: You can open an account by phone, mail, or online.