E*TRADE is one of the best investing platforms in the world today. It’s well-known for the full service online brokerage that lets you invest in bonds, stocks, ETFs, Future, Forex, and Mutual funds. E*TRADE has a no-fee business model. For a regular brokerage account, it requires a zero dollar account balance. Whether you are new in the investment world or a seasoned trader, E*TRADE has a complete line-up of user-friendly apps and trading platforms along with an extensive collection of educational resources. E*TRADE is an ideal option for most types of investors as it has something to offer for everyone.

E*TRADE Trading Steps


Webull is a self-directed investment broker that focuses on no-fee trading. Webull makes the professional-level trading platform and information available for everyone. The platforms offer a vast range of real-time market data, news, trading commissions, and analysis tools for no cost at all. If you are in search of a broker for active trading that offers a great mobile experience and has low-costs, then Webull is the right option for you. With straightforward access to margin, live data, and research tools, Webull is a perfect platform for active traders.

Brokerage Comparison




  • Low fee for trading (free ETF and stock trading)

  • Great research tools

  • User-friendly, simple mobile trading platforms

  • Free ETFs, options, and stocks

  • Great trading platforms

  • Simple and quick account opening

Trading Services

Stocks, Short Selling Bonds, ETFs, Futures, Options and Mutual Funds

Stocks, Short Selling, Options, and ETFs

Minimum Deposit



Security Regulations

E*TRADE is regulated by FINRA and SEC. There is a high level of investor protection and banking background.

Regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Webull also protects its investors by high investor protection amounts.


  • Free stocks and ETF trading

  • Options/Contract fee: $0.65

  • Broker Assisted trade fee: $25

  • Mutual Funds trade fee: $19.99

  • Free stocks and ETF trading

  • Options/Contract fee: $0

  • Broker Assisted trade fee: N/A

  • Mutual Funds trade fee: N/A

Mobile App

Two mobile apps: Power E*TRADE and E*TRADE Mobile. available on Android and iOS

One mobile app available for Android and iOS

Other Services

  • DRIP Program

  • Automatic mutual funds Investing

  • Cash Management

  • Investment Advice

  • Free margin trading

  • Financial Calendars

  • Research Agency Rating, Technical Indicators

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Bank Transfer only

Bank Transfer only


Good educational material like trading platform tutorial, general educational videos, webinars, and quality educational articles

Webull provides both educational content and a demo account.

Customer Support

Phone, Live Chat & email support

Email, call support, and message center via trading platforms. There is no live chat.

Webull Trading

E*TRADE is an excellent platform for different levels of traders and investors. It can be considered as a dynamic platform. When compared to the Webull platform, both platforms have lots of similarities. Both of them are great for experienced investors and traders. Webull is better when it comes to options trading as it is 100% free while E*TRADE has a charge of $0.65/contract. But the platform of options trading on E*TRADE is more advanced.